Ladies in Grand Prix Racing

It is amazing to know that in such early years of Grand Prix racing there were many intriguing women involved such as Kay Petre and Eileen Ellison. Miss Ellison competed in the 1936 South African Grand Prix in East London (South Africa).


Miss Ellison raced the 4 cylinder supercharged Bugatti Type 37. The pictures below of Miss Ellison and her famous Bugatti were captured at the Prince George Race Track.

 Miss Ellison spotted among her fans in Market Square (East London).



The ladies created quite a stir in the new sport of Grand Prix racing. One of them being Miss Kay Petre. In 1937 Miss Petre traveled to South Africa to race her Riley. She befriended and competed against Rosemeyer in his famous Auto Union. 

There is a story of Miss Petre having broken down in her Riley on the side of the track. She leaned back into the car while the crowd anxiously watched to see what was wrong. Turns out she had taken a lipstick out of her pocket and was leaning back to look into the rear view mirror to apply it.